Namco High now available to play! All you need is a modern HTML5-capable web browser and a lot of free time. This is the browser-based video game character high school dating sim you have always been waiting for!

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From Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie and universally-acclaimed video game developer NAMCO BANDAI Games comes an all new gaming experience: NAMCO HIGH! As a cousin to the Prince from Katamari Damacy, you will meet total strangers with whom you have nothing in common, but before the school year is over you'll break rules, bare your soul, and touch each other in ways you never dreamed.


  • Cousin - YOU

    A new student at Namco High, you've managed to get yourself into trouble rather quickly… hopefully detention won't be as harrowing as the legends say. Either way, you're finding that nothing at this school rolls that easily.

    From: Katamari series

  • Galaga


    From: Galaga

  • Lolo

    It is so hard to get a read on this girl; does she care about anything? What could possibly have happened to her to make her so distant...?

    From: Klonoa

  • Valkyrie

    A fun-loving, manic pixel dream girl if you ever saw one, she's a true warrior who’s always looking for the next bit of excitement.

    From: Valkyrie

  • Anti-Bravoman

    A mysterious new student at Namco High. He seems to be hiding a dark past, if the rumors going around school are any indication...

    From: Bravoman

  • Meowkie

    A diligent, by-the-books student, for some reason she just keeps getting into trouble… but what do you expect from someone whose parents came from "that" part of town?

    From: Mappy

  • Terezi Pyrope

    One of those weird exchange students who seems to have a real obsession with justice.

    From: Homestuck

  • Donko

    Like, totally the most popular person at school, no one would dare say a mean word about them, gosh.

    From: Taiko Drum Master

  • Albatross

    AL. B. TROSS is supposedly just another ordinary high school student but why does it seem like he has an ulterior motive?

    From: Rolling Thunder

  • Nidia

    A strong willed warrior who is seemingly bound by the will of destiny...

    From: Dragon Spirit

  • Mr. Driller

    A guy who seems to be in shadow of the his dad - at school and in life. You hear he wants to dig out a name for himself.

    From: Mr. Driller

  • Blue Max

    A military history nerd that's supposedly got plans to finally stand up to the bullies.

    From: Sky Kid

  • Hiromi

    They say, "It's a town full of losers, and I'm pulling out of here to win."

    From: Burning Force

  • Akiho Matsuo (Amazona)

    What is a top of the class student like her doing getting mixed up with a crowd like this?

    From: Wonder Momo

  • Taira

    An undead samurai warrior who captain's the school wrestleball team. Seems scary but maybe there's something more beneath his rough exterior?

    From: Genpei Tomaden

  • Jane Crocker

    One of those weird exchange students who's always out to get the scoop.

    From: Homestuck

  • Tomari

    A top of the line engineer and roboticist who takes one too many liberties with school property...

    From: Ordyne

  • Richard Miller

    Where did this guy come from so fast and why does he seem to have information on everyone?!

    From: Time Crisis

  • Davesprite

    One of those weird exchange students who is absolutely the coolest kid-from-a-failed-timeline-who-is-now-a-game-guide you know.

    From: Homestuck

The Team


    Andrew Hussie is the author and illustrator of Homestuck on, a webcomic epic told in various media styles including text, illustrations, animations, music and video games. Nearing 7,000 pages of near-daily updates since April 2009, Homestuck has garnered a fandom of passionate readers from all over the world.


    Ananth Panagariya is a writer and designer who has worked with Oni Press, BOOM!, First Second, and Dark Horse, and he is currently co-writing an Adventure Time miniseries called “Candy Capers.” He posts comics twice a week to (currently serializing the graphic novel Lucky Penny). He's probably eating ice cream right now.


    Magnolia Porter is a writer and cartoonist living in Brooklyn. She likes weird birds and movies about old people. She is drawing a comic about kids who have scary pet monsters (, and she often wishes she had a scary pet monster herself.


    Brian Clevinger writes comics in Richmond, Virginia.


    Otherwise known as akanekun, Cat also enjoys game design, drawing, needle felting, story creation, editing and sewing on top of UI design. She can be found in her natural habitat in the mountains of Los Angeles dabbling away at something new every day.


    Lindsay is an animator and illustrator in New York City, and is currently working as the Art Director for Date Nighto. In-between playing and making visual novels, she draws Paracite Knights ( and tweets too much.


    Yuko Ota is a cartoonist, designer, and illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. In addition to her online comic Johnny Wander (, she has worked with companies such as Dark Horse Inc., Oni Press, Lerner Publishing, and BOOM!, and is currently co-writing the Adventure Time comic series “Candy Capers.” Yuko has two obnoxious cats and drinks too much coffee.




    J.N. Wiedle is an actual skeleton in real life, but don’t worry. They wear a human suit for the personal comfort of those around them. They also write and draw a comic about existential skeletons, which is not as lame as it sounds… probably.


    Ashley Davis is an illustrator who specializes in the cute and colorful. She draws and writes the Legend of the Valkyrie webcomic whenever she's not playing video games! She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and pet bird.


    Geneva is a cartoonist from the midwest living in Los Angeles. She works in the animation industry and also makes comics. She loves yelling and bad cartoons.


    Dax "D-Gee" Gordine is a cartoonist and animator who lives way up north in St. Catharines, Canada. Currently, he works for ShiftyLook as the artist for their longest-running webcomic, Bravoman. He also serves as the character designer and art supervisor on the Bravoman animated web series. This guy knows his Bravoman!

  • Alexandra Douglass - Terezi Pyrope

    Alexandra (Lexxy) Douglass is a level 28 fantasy and sci-fi illustrator who has recently cross-classed into comics. When she's not drawing chain mail and ray guns for games, she's working on her own tale of kids in peril, The Cloud Factory . Lexxy likes to watch anime and play video games in her spare time, and lives wherever someone will tolerate her mess.

  • E.N. - Donko & Davesprite

    Is an art machine.

  • Tessa Stone - Albatross & Richard Miller

    Exists to draw, write, then draw some more in an attempt to bring forth nuggets of joy. Has drawn for Oni Press (Buzz! with Ananth Panagariya) and dabbles in self publishing. Responds well to cathugs.

  • Noelle Stevenson - Nidia

    Noelle Stevenson is an illustrator and comic artist, known among internet circles as Gingerhaze! She is the author of NIMONA, a twice-weekly webcomic that can be read at Or you can find her on Tumblr at, drawing mostly superheroes in tight pants.

  • Gigi D.G. - Mr. Driller

    Gigi D.G. is a freelance illustrator from Los Angeles, California. Her passions are sweets and cute video games. She spends most of her time writing and illustrating Cucumber Quest, a fun adventure webcomic.

  • Audra Furuichi - Blue Max

    Audra Furuichi hails from hot and sunny Honolulu, Hawaii. She draws and co-writes the online comic, nemu*nemu. Aloha!

  • OMOCAT - Hiromi

    OMOCAT is a freelance illustrator, known on the internet for her fanwork of video games and anime that have been featured on over a million blogs all over the world (Thanks Tumblr.) She designs apparel, posters, comic books, pins, and other kick-ass stuff that she sells in her online store; and is currently working on her own original game: OMORIBOY.

  • Tyson Hesse - Akiho Matsuo

    Tyson Hesse is an animator/illustrator that has worked on video games like Skullgirls, cartoon shows like Bravest Warriors, and comic books like Archie's Megaman, Dark Horse's Rotten Apple, UbiWorks' Assasin's Creed and more. He draws very accurate self portraits, and runs a webcomic called Boxer Hockey ( that almost updates TOO often.

  • Conrad Kreyling - Lead Developer

    Conrad Kreyling is founder of Date Nighto (, a company aiming to bring interactive narrative to the web with cutting-edge HTML5 tech. A veteran of Muse Games, he worked on Guns of Icarus Online as a software engineer, and lead the team behind the puzzle-platformer CreaVures. He claims to have once seen a ghost, but is lying.

  • Charmwitch - Character Design (Support Characters)

    Although born and raised in Puerto Rico, charmwitch is a 2D artist who currently works for a swanky video game company in Los Angeles. She is also the artist and writer for the webcomic Solstoria ( and on her spare time charmwitch can be seen sobbing viciously over fictional characters and their fictional love lives.

  • Ryan Francis - Composer

    Ryan A. Francis is a composer and an avid gamer. He recently wrote an orchestral piece about Manhattan's High Line park, and a piece for a string orchestra in Cairo, Egypt. He has also spent too much time of late playing the board game Eclipse. Ryan splits his time between Brooklyn and Portland.

  • George Rohac - Co-Producer

    George Rohac is a Director of Business Development for What Pumpkin Studios, a workaholic, and is wanted for several (alleged!) infractions of time law he (might!) may have broken to get all his work done..

  • Rob Pereyda - Producer

    Rob is the Producer & Editor-in-Chief of ShiftyLook, having launched it at video games giant NAMCO BANDAI Games back in 2012. He produces all of ShiftyLook's animation, music, and games, directs/designs/debugs on the side, and lives in Tokyo, Japan. #ANIMU #YOLO

  • Der-Shing Helmer - Tomari

    Der-shing works on many things, but mostly they are games, comics and science related. She lives in California in a hole in the ground and uses tiny hairs on her forelegs to sense the vibration of approaching prey. That's when she



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